Playing Out

On Saturday 2 June 2018 a group of parents, supported by other residents and by Impact Hub Birmingham’s #RadicalChildcare programme, closed Milcote Road in Bearwood for a morning so that children (and adults!) could play.  How they did it is detailed over on the website, take a look at the video and story if you’re up for organising Playing Out on your street.

In 8 easy steps we link you to all the resources you’ll need to do it yourself, with We Are Bearwood’s support to provide template letters and risk assessment, road closed signs and insurance:

Step 1: check out

Step 2: check our calendar to check that the street signs will be available for you to use and contact Dani Wa at to let us know what you want to do and when, subject FAO Playing Out

Step 3: Download and edit the Sandwell Safety Advisory Group Temporary Street Closure Order form with details of your event and send to along with a sketch of the closure you are proposing. This form is quick to fill in and has details of We Are Bearwood filled in for you. You need to get in touch with the council at least a month before your proposed closure date, so there is time for the Safety Advisory Group to review your application.

Step 4: Get in touch with residents asking for their support and for volunteer stewards (4 for each end of the closure is advisable, more if stewards will need a break). There are template letters on playing or you can download and edit this letter that we used, and have since modified, for Milcote Road. It’s worth getting in touch with all residents on your street, but you only need majority support from residents within the closure area.  Consider holding a meeting with residents in a local venue or your house in case any are nervous and want to ask you questions.

Step 5: Write your risk assessment, using this template that has been pre-filled for you if you wish.  Make sure you review that the risks and how to mitigate them are relevant on your street and update as necessary.

Step 6: Arrange to pick up the road closed signs from Dani Waugh, and the 3 x foam balls we have if you wish to use them.

Step 7: If your application is approved by the council, it’s worth confirming that Playing Out is going ahead with a simple reminder flyer.  Here’s the one we used for Milcote Road for you to download and edit.

Step 8: Enjoy the day! Half an hour before the event, brief your stewards, get them to sign that they’ve read and understood the risk assessment, and get ready to put the road closed signs up!


If you want to contact us please email by using the form below, you can also join us in our forum.


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