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Webb’s Walled Garden & Gift Shop

The Webbs and Davis Family outside their lovely shop.










Established since 1921, this family run garden business specialises in garden supplies, plants and flowers. The gift shop stocks gifts for men, women and children including cut flowers, locally made chocolate and a range of branded goods such as Gisela Graham and Moulin Roty toys.

Phone: 0121 429 4445

One Blue Pebble

One Blue Pebble


One Blue Pebble builds websites for small businesses and organisations, and for individuals. One Blue Pebble can help you increase the reach of your business or organisation and can help you share your passion with a greater audience. We offer a complete service from the creation of a website using WordPress, a popular content management system, to the maintenance of your site. Sites are responsive across a wide range of devices from desktops computers to mobiles.

Contact us for a free no-obligation estimate and consultation.

Phone: 0789 123084

Willow Acupuncture


Steve Lowe
Willow Avenue, Birmingham

Reflexology by Shelley White


Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy that dates back thousands of years. Reflexology promotes healing by pressing reflex points on the feet. It helps relax, balance and harmonise the whole body.
I trained with the British School of Reflexology in 1991 and give treatments from my home in Quinton. Please telephone for a leaflet.

Phone Shelley: 0121 421 2526

Warley & District Dog Training Club

At Warley & District Dog Training Club we’ve been helping owners train their dogs for over 60 years. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your best friend to help you do the same!

We use reward-based, motivational training to help dogs learn good manners in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We work in harmony with your dog’s natural abilities to help you build the trust and security your dog needs from you. We take dogs (and owners!) of all shapes, sizes and ages. All dogs, from puppies to oldies, from purebreds to cross-breeds, from rescue to working dogs, benefit from socialisation and training at Warley & District Dog Training Club….

TLC Amplifiers, Servicing and Repair

TLC Amplifiers

We service, repair, modify and customise valve and solid state amplifiers, studio equipment, synthesizers and microphones. We can service, re-valve and match your valve amp, and find and repair faults in any amplifier, including jacks, pots, outputs, and any intermittent fault.

Old equipment can be tested and brought into line with current EC safety regulations.

We also build unique hand crafted boutique valve amplifiers, under the brand name Branston Amplifiers.

Locally sourced parts and products are used, where possible.

All of our work is of the highest quality, and is both fully insured and guaranteed, with over 25 years of experience in design and repair….

The Playhouse Day Nursery

The Playhouse Day Nursery

Day Nursery open all year for children from three months old. Full day care and sessional day care for children

Phone: 0121 429 4261…

Upper St Mary’s News

Upper St.Mary's News

Newsagents and groceries.

Phone: 0121 420 2847…

Fresh Dental

Fresh Dental

Dentistry including dentures, crowns, implants and whitening

Phone: 0121 429 2170

CJ International

CJ International

Unisex hair salon.

Phone: 0121 429 5454…


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