What’s next Bearwood?

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We’re asking questions!

Why? We want to find out what sort of activity the Bearwood community would benefit from in years to come.

Yes we’ve got the Street Festival 2019 and in the past we’ve brought you The Bear Trail, family arts workshops, the Jumble Trail, Bearwood Sings, and lots more.

But now we need to know what to focus on in the future.

We need to prioritise what we do so we can plan what funding will be needed, how many people we need to be active organisers and what skills they should have.

We want to build a sustainable community organisation that has real impact in our local community.

And that’s why we’re asking you to have your say and talk about what you need and want, that We Are Bearwood could feasibly enable to happen.

And it’s not just about the survey…

The survey will give us great info about what different people across the community are most interested in, but surveys are always limited to some extent. We’ll need to go deeper and have more conversations about the details. Local resident, mum and creative consultant Hannah Hames is helping us start just that, thanks to funding from Creative Black Country.  You can read about what research she’s been up to with local community groups in her guest blog.

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