What should we focus on?

My name is Hannah; I’m a Bearwood resident, a mum of two boys and I run Overalls Art Workshops, where I do everything from creative consultancy and research to running art summer schools.

I’m delighted to be undertaking a bit of research for (and with) We Are Bearwood to help them find out what sort of activity our community would really benefit from in years to come.

This might include more opportunities to go to things, try new things, learn things, lead things, celebrate things, change things… what do the people of Bearwood find most enriching, exciting and entertaining?

After lots of digging to see what is already happening here (lots!) and some really interesting and enlightening conversations, I identified three community spaces that are effectively ‘hubs’, supporting, leading or hosting an incredibly rich and diverse range of activities. These three hubs are in many ways quite different philosophically, but they and the We Are Bearwood team are all trying to do some of the same things –

  • To help people connect
  • To support skills development
  • To promote understanding
  • To develop local networks
  • To promote wellbeing

What is exciting about We Are Bearwood’s place in all of this is that they are ready and willing to work with and support our community to make things happen with these broad aims in mind.

So I’m currently developing a series of conversations, activities and exchanges with specific groups, individuals, leaders and volunteers at each hub in the hope that this research activity will not simply provide We Are Bearwood with some great ideas, but that it will also build relationships and present opportunities for ongoing collaborative activity at locations around Bearwood and beyond…and that sounds pretty good to the bit of me that’s a Bearwood mum looking for cool things to do!


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