Thimblemill Library June Events – so much on!

Thimblemill Library June 2015 Calendar

So much on this month!  Thank you to local blog welovebearwood for this article – we’re teaming up more now so that together we can bring more stories to more of you lovely Bearwood folk, read about that here

But back to our favourite library, here is what Mrs B at welovebearwood is really excited about and the full calendar is at the bottom of this post:

Next week we’ve been promised hot, hot, hot with a summer heatwave on its way.  About time that’s what welovebearwood say.  Mrs B wants to wear her summer dresses!

Activities and events remain aplenty at Thimblemill Library and there are some scorchers (summer scorchers yes please!) happening next month. 

The ones which got us excited include Thimblemill’s Music Club 80s Night on Tuesday 2nd June.  Elvis Costello’s  ‘Everyday I Write The Book’ has to be on the playlist.   1983 classic pop fans!  Don’t miss We Are Bearwood’s interview with Music Club organiser Lilly Kaur (right here folks!)
The Children’s Film Club showing of family animated adventure ‘Boxtrolls‘ is on 6th June and then tragicomedy ‘Goodbye Lenin‘ on 13th June for the parents and Bearwood’s older folk.
Bargains galore are promised at the Top Table Sale on 14th June and then Utter Performance are back on 20th June.   Make sure you don’t miss Sally Tonge’s ‘Stories from here, there and everywhere in-between’.  You won’t want to be anywhere else!

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