The adventure of the Missing Bears


A few weeks ago we brought you a great story by a young Bearwoodian called Joel.  Well, we’ve received another fantastic story by Jessi aged 6 (almost 6!).  Happy reading, and thank you Jessie for such a great story about these lovable bears Pacer and his sister Abbey!  Any other stories about Bearwood out there? Send them and we’ll publish –

Here’s Jessi’s story:

The Adventure of the Missing Bears

Once upon a time, there lived a bear named Pacer. He ran around the playground in Warley Woods. He couldn’t find any friends to play with, so he ran out of the woods and went to find his sister Abbey. Abbey was on Bearwood high street. They both went to the airport and went on Bear Airplane and flew in the air so high, higher than the moon. They flew to Spain to see their cousin, Magic. It was fun in Spain. They went at five o’clock on Sunday. Then they went back to their class. They had fun. They have now gone somewhere that we don’t know.

The End

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