Share memories of living in Bearwood

Saturday 25th March, is the day you need to get down to Thimblemill Library, 10am-3pm, to share your memories of our neighbourhood.  If you do you’ll be contributing to an artwork to be developed by wonderful local artist Kate De-Right.

Kate told us:

I’ve been commissioned to make a piece of art based on interviews done with Bearwoodians and this event on Saturday will be an opportunity to collect some stories from local people. I’m working in collaboration with the Smethwick Craftivistas, who’ll be there with me on Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Kate is great to meet anyway, so just get on down to our library and share your story.  What could be better than a little reminiscence on a beautiful Saturday?  Enjoy!

And just in case you don’t know where Thimblemill Library is, there’s a handy map on our events page.


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