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When we heard about a music club happening at Thimblemill Library every month we just had to hear more.  It was the idea of Bearwood’s Lilly Kaur, supported by library staff and volunteers.  In this interview we asked Lilly to tell us all about it and how she set it up.

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So Lilly, when does the music club happen – what days and times?

The Music Club is on the first Tuesday of each month from 6.30pm until 8.30 pm at Thimblemill Library.

And what do you actually do at the club?

We try and have a theme, in advance of each session, for instance our last theme was Northern Soul and fortunately for us, Julie Mckirdy is very knowledgable! She brought in a smashing selection of her CDs for us to play and she spoke about the background of Northern Soul.  People can bring their own food and drink, but tea and coffee is freely available.

There are two record players and a Steepletone CD Player – they do belong to me but I don’t mind if anyone wishes to use them to play their own music. It is not compulsory to talk about any music played, you can just bring along CDs or vinyl for people to listen to – and if you wished to dance, we wouldn’t mind at all!

night eighties

Who is music club for?

The Thimblemill Music Club is for anyone over 16, or for Children who are accompanied by an adult. It’s a very informal and friendly atmosphere – if you have your own vinyl and CDs, we would love to play them. I’m really excited about our June event – an 80’s night!

If you wish to come along, just ask at Thimblemill Library (0121 429 2039) or email the Library at

Everyone is WELCOME!

It sounds really lovely Lilly, was it your idea? Tell us the story of how it started.

Yes! Last September, I won a pair of tickets to see ‘Rudy’s Rare Records‘ through a Facebook Competition, on The Bearwood Page, to watch the show at The Birmingham Repertory Theatre. This show was set in a traditional record shop in Birmingham and starred Lenny Henry. The music which was used during the show sounded so familiar that I felt instantly inspired to find the playlist when I got home – there was such a rich mix of voices ranging from Dawn Penn ‘You Don’t Love Me (No,no,no), Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Eddy Grant, Sam Cooke to Winston Groovy ‘Please Don’t Make Me Cry’ – here’s a taster of that fantastic track:

I really did feel good after watching the show and so many members of the audience commented on ‘The Feel Good Factor’ of the music which had been chosen. I still have a fair bit of vinyl which I kept from my twenties and I ordered Winston Groovy’s Single, ‘Please Don’t Make Me Cry’ as I already had a record player.   It just brought back many happy memories for me. I wondered if there might be others in the land who would love to hear their old vinyl played again?

I had had a very positive result when I had contacted Thimblemill Library for some voluntary work, for my Nephew, Rajan, a few years back and I wondered if they would be interested in my idea for the music club. I saw Jean Fenn and Julie Mckirdy last October, but I wanted to have the Session in the evening and to appeal to people who were working as well as those who were not. It transpired that October was not going to suit me as I became ill myself and I found the whole concept overwhelming. This did not deter Julie or Jean and they just told me to get in touch when I was ready.

I really felt that nothing was too much for both Julie and Jean and I have to say that their positivity was catching!

bob is in the club

When the lighter evenings were upon us, I found that my mood lifted and with the help of Julie and Jean, we launched The Thimblemill Music Club in April.  We had a Very Special Celebrity ‘launch’ our Club – Councillor Bob Piper! I would never have dreamed of contacting Bob but I discussed it with Julie and he was great – it really made our launch party special for us!

Thimblemill Library is a pretty special place for Bearwood folk isn’t it?

Yes, I think that ladies like Julie Mckirdy and Jean Fenn are AMAZING! They took my little idea and they made it into a reality.

I cannot tell you how starting The Music Club has boosted my self-confidence. I don’t tend to go out very much and in a very short space of time, I have found some very lovely friends who share my love of music and I have also found out about more of the events which are on at Thimblemill Library! Only recently on the 15th of May I had a really delightful evening being entertained by Tabla Drummers, Belly Dancing and wonderful Story-telling from the East – all for £4 – wonderful! I am also coming to watch My Big Fat Cowpat Wedding on 28th of May, at Thimblemill Library – I cannot afford to go to Birmingham to the Theatre but when we have all this much talent on our doorstep, there really is no excuse to miss out!

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