Local History Showcase on 11th June

We’ve got some exciting news from Lordswood Girls School!

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Students at Lordswood have turned their local history studies into fantastic displays for you to come and enjoy on the evening of 11th June, 7-9pm. It sounds fantastic – such a diverse range of exhibits (see the list below!), developed by students who have been encouraged to follow their passion for local history. If you’d like to go there’s a really simple form to complete – just click here.

The girls involved are super excited because the Lord Mayor has just confirmed that he will be attending.  We’re in no doubt that the Lord Mayor and locals alike will be pretty impressed by the displays, just take a look at what’s going to be on offer:


  • John Dudley’s role in putting Lady Jane Grey on the throne
  • Aston Hall – King Charles I’s visit, attack and sacking
  • Wartime Birmingham, including Birmingham’s contribution to WW1 (economy and recruitment); the Birmingham Blitz; and theiImpact of WW2 on life in Birmingham
  • Medieval Birmingham
  • Tudor Birmingham
  • Civil War Birmingham
  • Industrial Revolution Birmingham
  • Life in Victorian Birmingham
  • Birmingham Museum and Gallery model
  • Domesday book entries for Birmingham and Harborne
  • Tudor Life
  • Henry VIII and the Reformation’s impact on Birmingham
  • Battle of Camp Hill
  • Battle of Birmingham
  • City of a Thousand Trades
  • Key individuals: Matthew Boulton, Joseph Chamberlain, John Cadbury, James Watt, William Murdoch, Abraham Darby III
  • Birmingham Daily Gazette articles ‘Scenes in Slumland’.’Report of the Police Establishment, and the State of Crime in the Borough of Birmingham’ 1887
  • Birmingham population changes

Impressive huh?  Well in addition to that, we’ve been told that some students visited the WW1 Battlefields in France and Belgium and have filmed their own documentary on their experiences, including heir search for the local heroes from Harborne who fell in the Great War. They will screen this documentary twice during the Showcase – well worth a viewing.

It’s not just students’ work on show

Local History societies and re-enactors are invited to have their own “stall” to engage visitors and add to the evening.  Here’s what Rose Hegarty from Lordswood Girls has told us:

You may wish to showcase primary sources and artefacts, such as eyewitness accounts, photographs, and maps of your local area during a specific time period to enable us to build a full picture of all areas of Birmingham.

You may have members who are passionate about talking about an aspect of local history who wish to share their interest in the form of a display of images or other multimedia (some resources can be provided). Groups may have members who are passionate about re-enactment or music from particular periods, and may wish to also use the Showcase as a platform to introduce this to others and network with teachers and schools across Birmingham.

All we ask is that it is “local” to Birmingham and it is “history”! Any time period or focus of a stall can be accommodated and we would encourage a diverse range of stalls to engage students, parents, visitors and educators.

If you’d like to attend you can find more information at www.lordswoodgirls.co.uk 

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