Let there be cake at Coffee Junction!

This Saturday 22nd October, for one day only, we’re offering you free tea or coffee and cake at Coffee Junction (yes, QAC have supported us to open it for the day!).

“What’s the catch?” We hear you say! Screenshot_2016-10-17-10-41-01_1

Well, quite a good one actually.  We would like your stories about Bearwood.  That’s all.  Just come and tell us your real or imagined stories of Bearwood – past, present or future.  By sharing with us, you’ll be inspiring great ideas for the 2017 Bearwod Street Festival.  Haven’t heard about that? Well, we’ve just received funding to put on the greatest arts, music, food and heritage event around.  It’s going to be June next year, on the high street, and it’s going to be great.

So come and join in.  Help develop it and inspire the stories that will weave their way through the day.  Then think about how you might like to help make it happen, there’ll be loads of opportunities, you just need to email wearebearwood@gmail.com to tell us you want to be a part of the festival.

Can’t wait to see you on Saturday, any time between 11am and 3pm. Come and get your cake and eat it.

This event is supported by Creative Black Country with funding from Arts Council England.


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