June 2017 Street Festival Funded!

We’ve got the funding!

We’ve done it! Creative Black Country, Arts Council England and the Big Lottery Fund have all seen the potential of the 2017 first ever Bearwood Street Festival.  We can now press ahead with our plans to bring the best art and music to Bearwood.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride, to build on the ideas of the Creative Dreaming events earlier this year and to develop the nitty gritty of what it’ll look like, how it’ll feel and what amazing art and entertainment we’ll have on one day in June.  Whether you’re a resident, trader or regular visitor, we want to work with you to show how great Bearwood can be, and to experience our high street just a little bit differently.

How can you get involved?  First up, come to our conversation café on 22nd October at Coffee Junction for free tea and cake.  Coffee Junction?! Yes, that’s right – we’re opening it up for one day only, come and talk to us about your stories of Bearwood and inspire the Street Festival Programme.  If you can’t make it just drop us an email at wearebearwood@gmail.com and we’ll get in touch to let you know of all the great opportunities to help – whether you’re a creative, a planner & organisor or fancy a bit of stewarding on the day – and lots more besides.

We’re really excited and we hope you are too.

The We Are Bearwood Team.

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  1. Keith Bracey 6 years ago

    I am a Bearwood-born and raised poet AKA BrummieBard and would like to get involved with the Bearwood Festival…..Please have a look at my Birmingham Blog from Downtown Bearwood https://keithbracey.wordpress.com where you will find amongst other things my #BrumPoem: ‘Bearwood Town’. I look forward to hearing from you….sorry I couldn’t make the Coffee Junction event last Saturday as we were away…..Yours in Bearwood Keith Bracey AKA BrummieBard

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