Happy New Year from We Are Bearwood

Happy New Year Bearwood!

Here at We Are Bearwood, we are super-excited for the coming year. Well, the next 18 months really.

You might have been wondering where we’ve got to recently… our little team of committee members took a break over the summer (and, if we’re honest, into a bit of the autumn) to recharge after the June 2017 Street Festival. It was so much fun, but a huge amount of work for a very small team who either have full time jobs or near-full time caring responsibilities. But with your help and enthusiasm, we did it! We also did lots of other stuff – have a look at our 2016-2017 review if you want to know more.

Fast forward to autumn 2017 and we made a momentus decision: due to popular demand, Bearwood will have a Street Festival again, in 2019!

Why? Because the feedback was so awesome and requests for a repeat festival so numerous.

We learned so much about how to do it last year that we know we need 18 months lead-in, so we’re starting NOW and aiming for Summer 2019.

We’ll need all sorts of help over the next year or so, so please get in touch if you’d like to find out how to get involved.  Whether you can offer an hour a month, six hours a week or the day the festival happens. If you’re an expert in festival planning or you have no idea how you might be able to help – don’t worry! Just get in touch. Pretty soon we’ll be sharing role descriptions for those of you who want to dive right in.

But it’s not all about the Street Festival for us…

the Front Gardens Celebration was really popular in 2017 and we LOVED seeing all the fabulous exhibition pictures – as did the scores of people who turned up at Lightwoods House for the celebration day. Our crafts stalwart Marian worked in partnership with Julia at Lightwoods house to do another half term outdoor crafts workshop and we’ve put hours into our charity registration application.

We’ll have lots to keep us busy preparing for the 2019 Street Festival, so pop over to What’s on 2018 to find out what we have planned for THIS YEAR.

We’ve changed

Finally, we can’t end this little update without saying a massive thank you to our former Chairperson Ben Henneman and Committee Member Chris Gregory.  They stepped down in the summer to concentrate on other things (you know, life, kids, work, home…). They helped to drive We Are Bearwood from its very start to delivering over 20 community events and a street festival for around 8,000 people in only 3 years.  Thank you!

We welcomed two new committee members too, founding member Deb Yuill has been helping us again and we were delighted when Annabel Evans also wanted to join.

And we need help to do what we do…

We’re a very small committee but We Are Bearwood needs to be a big community team to succeed.

If you can help us with social media support, planning and project management, events management, community engagement, graphic design, volunteer engagement and coordination and local traders liaison help. Just sign up to our mailing list and make sure you tick that you’d like to volunteer!

If you think you could contribute a little or a lot to the above, don’t be scared off by the prospect of a ‘committee’ – you don’t necessarily need to be on the committee or attend long meetings to help us with these things.

The fact is, We Are Bearwood is made up of Bearwood people and we want to deliver great stuff that Bearwood wants.  If you want to be part of that, we want to hear about how we can make it work well for you. Just get in touch via our mailing list or wearebearwood@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading, please come back soon!

The We Are Bearwood Committee

Ann Baldaro

Annabel Evans

Dani Waugh (Secretary)

Deb Yuill

Fiona Pitt (Treasurer)

Marian Hills

Sally Taylor (Chairperson)


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