Featured Charity: Building Understanding of Dementia in Sandwell

We Are Bearwood is passionate about local initiatives that support our community. We plan to feature a different local charity on our website each month and first up is BUDS – Building Understanding of Dementia in Sandwell, an impressive charity that supports our community’s elders and their families and carers.

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We asked BUDS to tell us a little bit about their work. “Our main aim is to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in the Sandwell area”, explained Nina Kelly. “BUDS works as a team to address the issues of those people with a diagnosis of dementia, family carers, and people who work with or volunteer with those with dementia.”

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As we hear so frequently in the news, or have experienced ourselves, carers of people with dementia often have a tough time dealing with the pressures that have taken on. BUDS aims to respond equally to the specific needs of family carers, as often these are neglected by some services in favour of only responding to the person with dementia.

But what support do carers need? Often, they need more information about the condition, where to go to access support, and also regular breaks from the caring role to maintain their own lives.

BUDS aims to educate the community as well – and raise awareness of dementia from the perspective of the person with the condition.

Nina explained that BUDS “also supports volunteers and offer them experiences which they will find fulfilling either in terms of their own personal development, or to enhance their employment prospects particularly in this current economic climate.”  The person with dementia is always at the centre, and BUDS aim is to support all those who are on involved in the journey with them. The list of services the charity provides is considerable: befriending, Buds Clubs, Carer Support, Outreach Support, Training and Volunteering.

If you’d like to get in touch to access support, or to offer your own support through volunteering, you can find more information on the BUDS website: www.buds.co.uk.

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